Thank you to the following people for their role in this project:

Marshallese Early Readers
Translated by Hannah Lafita
Reviewed by Enion Kalles
Audio books recorded by Jack Ading

Kosraean Early Readers
Translated and reviewed by Winton Clarence & Keti Williams
Audio books recorded by Melissa Albert Tilfas and Lillian Segal
Pohnpeian Early Readers:
Translated by Rod Mauricio
Audio books recorded by Rod Mauricio

Chuukese Early Readers
Translated and reviewed by Adelyne Okichy, Keres Petrus, Takaichy Souleng, and Pauline Yourupi
Audio books recorded by Tarsis Harper

Yapese Early Readers
Translated and reviewed by Elizabeth Ribeliyan, Vincent Parren, Richard Mungwaath
Audio books recorded by Steven B.

Palauan Early Readers
Translated by Ebil Janet T. Ruluked
Reviewed by P. Kemphis Mad
Audio books recorded by Canisius Filibert
Carolinian Early Readers:
Translated by Patricia Peter-Kapileo, Francisca L. Kapileo, Jesus M. Elameto
Chamorro Early Readers
Translated by Joseph Quinata, Dolores Quinata, Mae B. Eustaquio, and Elias Taitano

Samoan Early Readers
Translated by Patricia Sataua
Reviewed by Turituri Turituri, Taito Ausage
and Mata'u Auvasa

Audio books recorded by Patricia Sataua

Coordination of Chamorro and Carolinian translations
Sherey Taimanglo and Jean Olopai




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